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Assemble your own NLP solutions with our world-class pre-trained engines. Our rigorously trained engines are performant, scalable, and fast. Engines come with a plug-and-play API to quickly integrate with your unique applications and workflows, both in the cloud and on-premises. With our engines at work, you can instantly and confidently scale your business and operations.

Core Benefits

Easy to use

Get started instantly with a plug-and-play API.


Deploy performant, fast, and scalable industrial-grade NLP to your business..


Get access to groundbreaking engines trained and tuned for specific domains and data.


Understand output, rationale, and how the model will behave on your data.


Orchestrate engines in robust pipelines for high-scale document processing.


Rapidly customize models for your unique data and workflows with Primer Automate.

Explore Our Engines

Primer’s leading data scientists are constantly updating and developing new state-of-the-art Engines to leverage enterprise-ready capabilities across verticals and use cases. Build your custom NLP pipeline with these engines:


Named Entity Recognition


Identify people, locations, and organizations within a body of text.


Coreference Resolution

Identify who the words “he,” “she,” and “they” are referring to in a piece of text.


Relation Extraction

Identify relationships between entities and build your own knowledge graph.



Organize, structure, and categorize pieces of text or a whole document.


Sentiment Analysis

Classify text as positive, negative, or neutral, returned as a classifier.


Topic Modeling

Identify the topic that the text is talking about without the need for training data or an ontology, or integrate the engine with your own ontology.



Summarize a document and identify the key information.


Key Phrase Extraction

Automatically identify the key information within a document that you want to highlight or extract.



See what parts of the text the models are using for your predictions.

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Use Cases


Legacy architecture and an overwhelming amount of unstructured data make it difficult for finance professionals to perform forecasting, increase returns, and manage risk.

View use cases


Today, business success depends on advanced technologies, yet companies of all sizes lack the in-house expertise, resources, or time to build their own AI/ML solutions.

View use cases


While the volume of unstructured data continues to grow exponentially, national security analysts and operators still curate knowledge bases by hand — a process that is largely unchanged since the Cold War.

View use cases

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Asked Questions

What are Primer Engines?

Engines are pre-trained, proprietary models built with Primer’s state-of-the-art NLP (Natural Language Processing), NLU (Natural Language Understanding), and NLG (Natural Language Generation) technology. Engines enable humans to automate their reading and writing tasks at scale with human-level precision and discover insights that were previously impossible to find.

Who is it for?

Engines support a wide range of applications. They are used by decision-makers, data scientists, data analysts, subject-matter experts, and operators across government and commercial verticals. What these users have in common is that they need to rapidly derive meaningful insights from massive amounts of text-based data to improve their situational awareness, business processes and products, and operational decision-making.

How are Primer Engines deployed?

Engines can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, depending on the company’s business needs and the scale of its data landscape. Primer offers managed cloud hosting to customers, or customers can choose to host Engines on their own cloud or on-premise infrastructure. Following deployment, customers use Primer’s APIs to quickly integrate the engines into their preferred workflows.

What is the underlying technology that makes this possible?

Using its internal team of 60+ Machine Learning engineers, Primer has developed a suite of Engines, built on state-of-the-art transformer model technologies. Primer Engines exceed the performance of competitor models while enabling new tasks and use cases, thanks to our custom modeling approaches and our significant investment in high quality, labeled data for specific use cases.

How do Engines work with the other products in your ecosystem, such as Automate?

Our engines are pre-trained models that you can immediately use by integrating them into your existing workflows. Using Primer Automate, you can easily customize Engines on your data and for your unique workflows without any prior knowledge of ML.

How do you ensure fairness and transparency with your engines?

Primer Engines are trained on diverse data sources by design to minimize bias. Information on the training datasets is available to you for review, and you can reach out to our sales team to learn more.


Integrate our industrial-grade NLP into your organization by contacting us to request a demo.